Yes, the time eventually comes to acknowledge, commemorate, and/or celebrate the life of a loved one. But what if there’s not a “standard” way of doing things that fits your idea of a truly “meaningful” experience? What if a funeral is too formal, and a celebration of life is not quite your thing? While it is true nobody wants to think about organizing “the last event” for somebody’s life, even more true it is that nobody wants to live with regrets.

The following ideas may seem whacky or even irreverent to some. But for those who want to say good bye in a different way, or with a “different kind of funeral,” we have the know-how to help you create an experience that is most “meaningful” for you.

Movie and Scrap Book Send Off
Meet and talk (in our Café or Reception Room)
Scrapbooking over coffee/tea, perhaps where everyone composes a page
Movie viewing in our Life Immersion Video Chapel
“Sharing time” after the movie
Karaoke Party
Meet and talk
Viewing of “Loved one in Concert” video tribute in our Life Immersion Video Chapel
Karaoke on favorite songs of the loved one “on the big screens” in our 7-screen video chapel, or in our large reception room
“Final River” Texas Hold ‘Em Farewell
Meet and talk
Poker game/tournament with an empty chair at one table
Viewing of “Life Tribute” movie in our Life Immersion Video Chapel
Goodbye toasts and sharing of favorite memories in our. If conducted in our 7-screen video chapel, various images can be put up on the screens for each toast.
Parking Lot BBQ, Blues & Harleys “Final Ride”
Mini motorcycle “rally” parking area in our private parking lot
Meet and talk – inside or outside
BBQ n Blues music (or other/no music  – outside or inside
Viewing of “Life Tribute” movie in our Life Immersion Video Chapel
Farewell ride in procession behind our Harley Hearse, either just out for a ride or out to the cemetery

Hopefully these ideas make it easy to see that there is much we can do to help you have a truly special and meaningful final event for your loved one.