“Life celebrations” come in many different flavors. There is no “traditional” format one should follow. That is why our motto is “if you can imagine it, we can do it.”

Foundation for Success

Families seem to achieve the greatest satisfaction when they have spelled out their goals for the life celebration event. Some of the most common desires we hear are that everyone who attends:

  • has a good time
  • can share and laugh in a relaxed setting
  • learns special things about the loved one while celebrating who they were
  • can easily give and receive support without having to do a reception line
  • can enjoy upbeat music and modern furnishings
  • experiences special activities, good food and a memorable day
  • leaves enriched and uplifted by the experience, not depressed

Once you have determined your goals, we help you put together the format, activities, and often props, that will achieve those goals. 

Putting Together a Celebration Format

This is an experience you only get one chance at. As a modern “Life Celebration Funeral Home,” we have many special, unique resources. You can make use of these in numerous ways when planning the perfect celebration format. Perhaps you want

  • a real “party,” where everyone progresses from our café’ to the video chapel, then to the reception room for catered food and drinks, enjoyable music and other elements – or down the street to one of many restaurants.
  • an in-depth “remembrance” celebration of what made you loved one who they were. Perhaps you and/or your guests share memories in person, on screen, and in some other unique ways – perhaps solely within our Life Immersion Video Chapel.
  • a ‘farewell ride’ with everyone on their motorcycles, in parade behind our Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Hearse – followed by appetizers and beverages, then a spectacular tribute video in our 7-Screen Life Immersion Video Chapel.

Whether you want fun, festive, dramatic, eclectic, nostalgic, humorous… Cunningham Turch Life Celebration Funeral Home can help you create the celebration format that is right for you.  

Fun is in the Details  

Details matter, especially for the last event or party thrown for your loved one. That’s why we have put so much work into accumulating a collection of “celebration resources” to support you. These resources add the kinds of special touches that will make it a truly memorable, talked about, “smile every time I think about it” event.

You can choose from the many options and elements we have to make your celebration the perfect send off and comfort for everyone. We suggest options and ideas that match your hopes and goals. We relieve you from the stress of “figuring it all out,” by yourself.

Nobody else in the region offers these flourishes, nor do they have a staff with the skill sets to provide them. The hard-to-believe part is that you will pay less while receiving so much more for you and your guests. That is because we are not a corporate owned funeral home that must pay dividends to investors on top of operational costs. The few extra minutes you may drive to get to our Old Town Alexandria location will turn into hundreds extra “thank you’s” over the years — from all those so deeply impacted by they they were able honor and celebrate the life of someone special.