“There’s a lot of facets to what a well-done video immersion experience gives to family and friends. People in the room can forget where they are as they see, remember, cherish, reflect on and are immersed in the life they came to celebrate and commemorate. That powerful experience pulls people together. It makes them realize more how they were positively impacted by a life. It helps them celebrate how that life enriched them. That is very healing, very empowering and very special.”
Michael Turch, Owner

Life Immersion” Video Chapel
A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes one picture at a time is not enough to immerse the viewers in all the aspects of a special life that you wish to remember or share together. At other times, one screen, or one scene shown on all screens is the best choice. But it is more than just showing pictures with captions while a song plays. You may want the sounds of the waves crashing in or the roar of a military aircraft taking off. You may want to watch the grass waving in the breeze on your loved one’s favorite beach as the scent of ocean air quite literally fills the room.

This will be an experience everyone in attendance will talk about for years to come because of how special and meaningful it is. And, it is included with almost all of our packages.



Creating The Experience

To create a “life immersion video experience,” we first consult with you to determine a theme. We may compile a list of favorite past times and hobbies, vacation spots and family activities. In other cases, you may want us to focus on what made the loved who they were, e.g. career accomplishments, military background, etc.

Next the video-creation team obtains images from you with which to create the core of the video. This typically requires scanning old paper photos, downloading more recent digital images. Then we find video and image stock material relevant to your loved one’s life. If you can imagine it, we can probably create it. If you do not have photographs, or cannot come up with ideas for themed video, we can have candles flickering, giving the illusion you are at a candle light vigil. We can show trees waving in the wind, leaves falling, creeks gurgling, clouds floating across the sky. We will create something unique and fitting for everyone.

Then our specially trained producers plan out how the video immersion experience will run using an advanced video-creation software. It can “drive” seven screens in any configuration. There may be several “chapters” or segments to the video experience depending on the family’s desires. This will not feel like a homemade video.

We also typically create a ‘scene’ that will be on the walls of the Life Immersion Video Chapel, as service or celebration attendees are arriving. This scene may or may not be left up during the first portion of the service, while perhaps people are sharing, or music is played, or some other desired activity conducted. Then there is the “video” which we usually build as a stand-alone part of the celebration or service. When that ends, the first scene or a new scene may be projected for the remainder of the service or exiting of the room.

If you have not yet seen it, please take the video tour of our Life Immersion Video Chapel. It’s just a taste of how we might help your family experience an especially meaningful part of a very important and special day – celebrating and commemorating the life of a loved one.