Some call it the “farewell ride.” Some just say “that’s how I want to go when I go.” In either case, use of our custom-built Harley Davidson Motorcycle Hearse is available to you at no additional cost. Whether for a motorcycle enthusiast, a veteran, a first responder, or someone for whom it just feels right, the “Harley Hearse” adds a special flair to the final send off for a special person.


“On November 30, 2016 Cunningham Turch Funeral Home held my fathers service. My father Paul Hilton Woods was a Vietnam Veteran who passed away on 10/24/16 at the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC from Colon Cancer (Agent Orange). His wish was to be buried at the National Arlington Cemetery. He also wished every Veteran with Services Dogs Attended his service and he asked that he have Doo-Wop music playing at his service. Cunningham Turch made all this happen for my father. They went above and beyond to ensure that our family and my father be honored and have the best send off to National Arlington Cemetery. It was impeccable. My father was taken to Arlington Cemetery in a Harley Hearse while 20 officers in Uniform on Motorcycles provided services, and Michael Turch himself lead the procession.