“Direct Cremation” prices in Alexandria

Each year the cost for a Direct Cremation in Alexandria and Fairfax are compared by the local, independent and non-profit Memorial Society of Northern Virginia. Prices are voluntarily provided by these funeral homes, and you can contact the Memorial Society of Northern Virginia to verify what’s shown here. Only one of these Alexandria funeral homes is actually family owned and operated — Cunningham Turch. The rest are corporate owned, needing to achieve high enough revenue to satisfy shareholders in all but “arguably” one case.

Direct Cremation includes:

  • Removal of body, transport to funeral home and crematory, cremation.
  • Basic professional service and securing of death certificate.
  • Remains held at funeral home in minimal container for pick up by family.
  • Include in this figure the cost of $50.00 Medical Examiners Fee, the cost of the crematory, and, if a container is required, the minimal cost of the container.

My Personal Guarantee:

“We offer several different levels of cremation service, including funeral services, life celebrations and goodbye get-together viewings. But we also offer a low cost Direct Cremation, done at our own crematory, according to ‘funeral home’ standards. As always, If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will not charge you for that portion of the service.” — Michael Turch, Owner

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