There are two parts to the total funeral cost – three if there is a burial:

  • The funeral home’s professional services
  • The cost of memorial merchandise
  • *Cost of opening and closing the grave by the cemetery

You might be surprised to learn that the “services” charge is quite often a minority of the total cost. We offer a broad range of memorial products to satisfy the very diverse tastes and budgets of the families we care for. The easiest way to control the total cost is to reduce the amount spent for merchandise.

Making sure you feel in total control of your choices and cost is one of our core values. (We would not have so many glowing Google Reviews if we didn’t.) We will specifically answer all your questions, and make sure you have the time and privacy you need to make decisions you will still feel good about years from now.

“Future Need” Planning

If you are planning ahead, we encourage you to contact our “preneed” department at (703) 549-1800 for a no-obligation price quote regarding the funeral or cremation service of your choice.