Experience a different approach to celebrating or memorializing a life.

During one of the toughest times in life, we reduce your stress, save you time, and give you options you never imagined while exceeding your expectations.

One person serves you from start to finish, helping with every detail. The spectacular Life Immersion Video Chapel and 6-foot tall Life Remembrance Displays we offer are just two of our special differences. No funeral homes in Alexandria, Arlington or Fairfax county offer the breadth of funeral and cremation services that we do.

This important day will be everything it needs to be — however celebratory, traditional or simple you want it. And once it has past, you will know that we are not just your neighbors, but friends who care.

CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will not charge you for that portion of the service.
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home


CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Tammy Jones
16:51 20 Oct 19
Immense gratitude for Gary and Brenda for their competent and compassionate assistance with our father's funeral arrangements. Thank you for working with us to create the perfect send off for our loved one. Your value to us was priceless and really helped to make an already stressful and emotional time in our lives less so.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Brenda Winter
22:24 24 Sep 19
Gary and Brenda were amazingly helpful at every step of my husband's funeral. After two busy days with them I felt like they have become wonderful friends and that I could stop in anytime to have a good cry or laugh.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Allison Grondine
21:16 01 May 19
We used Cunningham Turch Funeral Home for my stepfather and they exceeded all of our expectations. We went with the upgraded funeral service and it was the perfect tribute to honor his life. The staff was helpful, compassionate, and made themselves available for any and all questions. When we got home and delved into the items received and produced from the service, we discovered a commemorative blanket and a video of the photo loop they'd created. I would highly recommend Cunningham Turch if you're looking for a funeral home to go above and beyond your expectations.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Janine Horne
18:21 19 Apr 19
Our family could not have been more satisfied with the delivery of care given to our son/brother and to our family during this trying time. Their compassion and willingness to reach out in any way to help make this preparation/viewing smooth and graceful will forever be thankful. Awesome service and staff! Above and beyond! Thank you! Resilard/Horne Familyread more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
John Warnock
00:04 08 Feb 19
BEST SERVICE I could ever ask for. I will not name the other funeral home I have an experience with, but compared to my experience there, Cunningham Turch was top of the line. Anyone who has lost someone will tell you this process is very difficult emotionally to go through. I never felt I was being sold a thing here, or pushed to get the "nicer" this or that. Jeremy Blake dealt with me and was very compassionate through and through. I was charged THOUSANDS less here, and received various extras that I was told were "add-on's" at a competitors funeral home during my last loss. I'm sure the packages change and my experience can't be expected by everyone for each visit, but I feel it only honest to compare the two side by side. I chose cremation for both loved ones and did not hold a funeral:Competitor Experience: The viewing prior to cremation was held in a private room, and they were on a table under a white blanket, I don't believe they were dressed underneath but chose not to investigate. It seemed more like a body ID then a final viewing. This was because we did not opt for a funeral and formal viewing (that part was quit expensive for us). The director assisted us with having an obituary notice put into the paper and provided us with a nice webpage where a longer obituary was posted, along with many pictures we were able to upload for others to visit. We were asked to provide clothes or other belongings to be cremated with them. We were provided with the remains in a black HDPE plastic container. I felt that at each turn, if we were not spending top dollar when asked, it was very evident in the presentation. Almost like they were rubbing that fact in.Cunningham Turch Experience:I was asked to provide clothes and other belongings for the viewing and to be cremated with them. I was provided with small baseball sized prayer cards as well as a holiday-sized card version and a signature book. I was given suggestions of verses to use for these which helped a lot. The director also helped post an obituary in the newspaper as well as providing a place for a longer online obituary and pictures for others to view. One note I have is the website was not fully updated with the pictures I wanted when the newspaper obituary was run so if people went there that day, they would have seen an unfinished page. The viewing was more of a formal style viewing even though I opted not to have a formal funeral and viewing. My loved one was in a very nice, well-lit room, in a casket (even though they were to be cremated and not put into a casket, so this was not bought, it was just provided for the viewing) and clothed in the clothes I provided, even with the necklace I provided put on. It was a very respectful way to have the final viewing, very beautiful. I am not very familiar with this process and was not told it would be so different from my last experience so I didn't invite anyone to come expecting a repeat of my first time. I wish I had invited others, if I was told how the viewing would go here I would have, but I can't blame anyone for that. The remains were presented in blue velour bag with a faux wood container holding the actual remains which was much nicer to see your loved one in then the plastic container. I felt I was treated as if my loved one was also their loved one, and that no matter what "package" I chose to pay for, I never once was "reminded" I didn't spend big money by the presentation. So, to recap, Cunningham Turch was exponentially better and a few thousand dollars cheaper and they provided more than just the cremation although that is all we paid for in both places. Even if I had to have my loved one transported a few hundred miles I would still choose Cunningham Turch over anyone else. Thank you, Jeremy, for all you provided during such a hard time in anyone's life.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Katherine Gaffney
14:55 24 Dec 18
My mother's body was brought here Friday night. They are refusing to let us see her body until Wednesday! We flew in from out of town to see her within 8 hours of her death, we have had to postpone her memorial service because of their horrible service. This funeral home is owned and operated by the same people that own Northern Virginia Burial & Cremation Society, Inc. This is extremely disrespectful of my dead mother, and our grieving family. People die 24/7 including holidays, they should have people on call so that no one goes through the hell they are putting my family through. Someone should have contacted us the moment she was brought in to explain that they are closed weekends and holidays, and they should have let us schedule an appointment when I called them at 2am Saturday morning, and again when I called twice at 9am Saturday morning to say I was on my way to see her. Instead, I had to call Monday, to find out that because it's a holiday, they can't let us see her today (Monday) . Horrible horrible service no respect for the dead or their grieving familiesread more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Stephanie Vasquez
17:16 03 Dec 18
My sisters death was very unexpected, we weren’t prepared for this nor had any idea on how to plan this funeral. Jose Madrigal went above and beyond for my sisters funeral and to ensure my family pleased with every little thing. He want just arranging the funeral but constantly checking in with my family and was always there to make sure that we were doing ok during the day of the funeral. Everyone was really impressed with his hard work and we couldn’t thank him enough for making this day so beautiful. Thank you so much Jose!read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
MacPherson Opticians
18:23 03 Jul 18
As an owner of a small business in Arlington, I am very particular about customer service. In March of this year we were told that my 95 year old father-in-law was nearing his final months of life. I then began our search for a funeral home. After having spoken to several funeral homes whose names I recognized, I was appalled to learn how commercial and sales oriented the funeral industry had become.When I reached out to Cunningham Turch I was delighted to speak with funeral director Jae Turner. Ms. Turner went over various options for my family to consider, and being aware that our needs were simple, she suggested those options that would meet our needs without running up a huge expense for my mother-in-law. In addition, Cunningham Turch really understands the needs of a military family. Ms. Turner was compassionate, professional and efficient when the time came to call on her services last week. We are extremely grateful to Cunningham Turch for exhibiting such professionalism and ethics. Her kindness touched us deeply.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Nery Vera
22:19 18 May 18
On May 9th, we had the funeral for my father. Jae was our Funeral Director and she was amazing!!!! I cannot thank all of you enough for such an awesome job from the beginning to the end. Brenda, thank you so much for being so kind with us and listening to all our requests. Cunningham Turch Funeral Home is decorated beautifully inside. Everything was perfect! My father looked so handsome and the photo collage, the photo album, the thank you notes, all the special touches, decorations and keepsakes to tribute my father exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Cunningham Turch for Funeral services. Thank you so much to all of you!!!read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
14:20 03 May 18
My husband passed about 2 weeks ago. In accordance with his wishes for a simple cremation, we were referred by the NOVA Burial and Cremation Society to Cunningham Turch in Alexandria. From the time we first spoke on the telephone to visiting the funeral home the day before the viewing, we were struck by their warmth, sincerity, professionalism and willingness to facilitate whatever the family's wishes were. The viewing was on a Wednesday. Alexandria won't permit a crematorium in the city, so it is located in a sister facility in Dale City.Even though Jae communicated at the time that the cremation would take place 4 to 5 business days after the viewing, she went over and beyond duty to accommodate our wish to have the cremation on Saturday, so several family members could be present. She spent all day Thursday making phone calls, and getting the death certificate so the ME could do the required examination on Friday. For this we are so, so very thankful and appreciative. When I went to the funeral home on Monday to pick up the death certificates and my husband's ashes, I encountered a grieving family, there to make the necessary funeral arrangements. Told them about my experience and that they had made an excellent decision in choosing Cunningham. In hearing that, I'm sure they were a little bit less apprehensive about what they were about to experience themselves.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Yensi Morales
21:09 12 Apr 18
On April 5th I had the funeral for my baby Javier. Brenda was our coordinator she did an excellent job, she was always helping us on everything we needed and she also took time to talk to my son and explain to him about his little brother. The staff there we're helpful. I recommend Cunningham Turch for a funeral. Thank you guys for everything.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Aisha Kenney
16:22 11 Apr 18
Cunningham Turch was an amazing experience, in light of losing a loved one. Our funeral director was Jae and she was amazing to work with and my father looked absolutely as handsome as the days I used to dance on his toes with him. The staff are amazing and I highly recommend Cunningham. Thank you so much.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Katie Aracena
00:54 10 Apr 18
Intern Zack did a great job guiding us through this process and being respectful and professional throughout. We were able to include all the details in the celebration of life we requested and enjoyed the printed programs. Was a great location to have this serviceread more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Joanne Mulinare
00:19 05 Apr 18
Funeral Director Jae Turner helped me every step of the process of getting my husband repatriated from oversees and through the procedure to get him buried at Arlington. She was attentive and responsive, answering every question promptly any time, including weekends. and taking care of my every concern. She even answered the questions I thought were dumb, always in a professional manner. She took good care of me and my family.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Serita Epperson
13:41 26 Feb 18
Cunningham Turch made our experience with my father's life celebration easier to prepare for. Brenda treated us like family with warm hugs and encouraging words throughout our process. From the time that I called to inquire about how to prepare and what to expect Brenda's empathy/sympathy was so genuine. Dennis and Zack I can't thank you enough for the beautiful set up preparation at the church all the way through to getting us to the cemetery. The guest sign in book, photo album, trifolds, prayer cards and thank you notes were beautiful.The casket was amazingly beautiful and the surprise engraving was truly wonderful. Jae, thank you for answering my email regarding the photo collage and being so patient while I sent the photos via email.You did an amazing job!!!! I certainly cannot forget our driver, Rory for being so attentive to us all, but especially to my mother. You were kind enough to offer her snacks, water and made sure the temperature in the vehicle was just right for her. You melted my heart when you took your coat off to be sure she was warm enough outside at the cemetery. Thank you Cunningham Turch Funeral Home.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Bob Holzman
23:04 25 Dec 17
My mother in law was 103, when she arrived at the hospital, we were told that she was dieing. I called Ms Turner, she emailed paperwork to be completed. We had planned on going in the following day to complete arrangements. She died that night. I called @ 3 a.m. their phone was answered promptly. When we arrived at 9 a.m., they had people at the hospital to pick her up. We signed the paperwork. One of our requirements was to have her ashes shipped to a cemetery in New York. No problem.Ms Turner and the staff were very caring and helpful. They made a very difficult situation bearable. I highly recommend their services.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Sharon Campana
13:39 12 Nov 17
This place is the worst. When my father passed away the hospital told me they would contact me. I waited one full day and contacted them. The receptionist was rude and unthoughtful to the point t of arguing with me. I changed plans in a hurry.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Kim Lee-Wilkins
16:21 14 Sep 17
Although my mother's passing was unexpected, Brenda and Jae were absolutely awesome. At a very sad time in my life, Brenda was able to make me laugh. And OHHHH did I needed that. Thank you Brenda. Again, thank you all soooo much.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Barbara Aldrich
14:42 28 Aug 17
Thank you Jae and Brenda, and the staff we may not have met. Our father, Wilbur Aldrich, had a beautiful memorial service! The sailors who provided the flag-folding ceremony were awesome. I think my favorite part was the huge slide show on the walls of family pictures. The wooden box urn is gorgeous and the display under glass was very classy! Thank you for being so kind and gracious. You have our father exactly what he would have loved! Barbara Awbrey Aldrichread more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
The Bohemians Inc.
14:46 25 Aug 17
The Funeral Directors and Staff of the Cunningham-Turch Funeral Home treated us as if we were family. They are the most caring and compassionate individuals and we were so happy they helped us with services. Their facility is beautifully decorated and made us feel comfortable and at ease.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Tim Lackey
22:19 26 Apr 17
The staff at the Cunningham Funeral home were excellent to work with when planning my father's funeral. The funeral home is quite nice inside, compared to any other funeral home I have been to in the past. Our funeral director, Jae, did an amazing job coordinating the arrangements for visitation and with Quantico National Cemetery, where my father was buried. In addition, their prices were quite a bit lower than the other funeral homes in the area. In every manner our expectations were greatly exceeded. Thanks again, Jae and staff.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
David Barberot
19:05 20 Apr 17
The staff exceeded our expectations during a very difficult time in our lives. They treated our loved one with respect and consideration and treated us with empathy and care. They provided us every opportunity to personalize our goodbye and take the time we needed during this sad time. Thank you.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Karen Mangum
12:18 14 Feb 17
The staff far exceeded our expectations. We could not have imagined ALL the special touches and keepsakes they put together to make our loved one's home going service totally unforgettable . The customer service they provided was top notch. Their patience and guidance was very much appreciated. A special thank you to Jae. I would recommend Cunningham Turch to anyone. You won't be disappointed.read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Don Huddleston
23:55 08 Feb 17
Working with Jae and her co-workers was an excellent experience during a difficult time. I enthusiastically recommend Cunningham Turch Funeral Home when you need funeral services. Arrangements and the process were well explained and all my questions were answered in a professional and caring manner. 5 Stars!read more
CunninghamTurch Funeral Home, Home
Larry J
16:46 09 Jan 17
One of the most modern and beautiful funeral homes I have visited as President of the Virginia Funeral Directors Association. Michael Turch has remodeled the funeral home over the last year or so and given it new life. As soon as you come in the funeral home you enter the rotunda which is spectacular. I toured the funeral home and was most impressed with the building and decor. In the chapel, they were adding the capability of being able to play a life tribute DVD and/or favorite scenery of a loved one on screens in the entire chapel to make it very personable. They are very pro-active in making sure a service is detailed to your needs. As I was given the tour, I met some of the other employees who seemed to be very professional, friendly and caring.read more
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