Corporate-owned funeral homes abound in Alexandria, so it’s easy to explain why you get the best value at Cunningham-Turch – Alexandria’s original family-owned funeral home.

“More for Less” Prices

Our price are much lower because there are no corporate share-holders demanding big profits after staff and facility costs are paid. We can give you special extras while still costing much less.

Our Gifts to You

We are pleased to include these gifts to you with our traditional funeral package. We hope they will be cherished for years to come, because they made your service or get-together even more special.:

  • A beautiful “Video Tribute” DVD to help tell the story of a life lived;
  • The choice of 50 Memorial tri-folds or 50 prayer/inspirational cards, with images of your loved one, family and friends, and a favorite verse or text;
  • A framed collage.


Safer, Faster, Better

We own our own private crematory, and our staff are all professional operators trained and certified by CANA. We don’t “hand off” your loved one to a third party trade retort where “it’s just business” and they “get it done” for the funeral home for a fee that gets added to your total price. Your loved one never leaves our care At Cunningham-Turch. We guard and keep them from the moment we receive them into our care until the moment we return them to you. This makes our services safer, faster, cheaper and therefore better.

Special Flourishes

We have a number of ways to make a “Goodbye” meaningful and even celebratory. A “final ride” in our Harley Hearse is just one option of many.

What our Administrators do for you


  • File life insurance claims to help you receive the funds as soon as possible
  • Prepare Veterans Administration documents for your signature to request for benefits
  • Notify Social Security to start the Death Benefit Claim on your behalf
  • Provide a Probate Packet to assist with handling the estate
  • Obtain additional certified copies of the death certificate should you need more copies


“I want every family and their guests to be ‘wowed’ by their experience at this funeral home. I want to exceed your expectations on every level by delivering services and an experience superior to anything you may have imagined or seen previous, at the best possible price. If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will not charge you for that portion of the service.”

Michael E. M. Turch