Staff members of Cunningham Funeral Home are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and has personal requests and traditions. These requests and traditions are of utmost importance to our staff of licensed funeral directors.

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Brenda Lacey – Secretary
The voice behind Cunningham Turch. Brenda has the innate ability to reach out and touch people’s heart. Born and raised in Montana, Brenda moved to Northern Virginia in 1977. She was a teacher at a local Christian Academy for 14 years. After the death of her husband, Brenda learned the pain and emotions of losing a loved one first hand. She joined Cunningham Turch in 2008.


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B. Earle Mountcastle – Owner
Literally grew up in the funeral home as his father went to work for the Cunningham family in 1929. Taking care of families has always been Earle’s number one priority and has mentored Michael for over 25 years.


, StaffMichael Turch – Owner / General Manager 
One of the few native Northern Virginians who has spent his entire life right here. He married the girl from across the street and they are raising their children here in Northern Virginia. What matters the most is supporting the community and other family owned businesses. Michael began his funeral career in 1986 when he spent the summer mowing the lawn and washing cars. Michael has literally worked his way up from car washer to owner.


, StaffJae Turner – Funeral Director / Location Manager
Born and raised in Petersburg Virginia, Jae atteneded VCU and is a graduate of the University of Pheonix. In 2006 she entered the funeral service industry. She is quick to tell you, she enjoys meeting new families and helping people. Jae needs structure, everything has a place and one task must be complete before moving onto the next.


, StaffClint Oxendine – Funeral Director / Pre-need counselor
Director of advanced planning, Clint has spent the last two deceades helping families plan out there service before the need arises. Clint finds his job incrediably rewarding as he says “you can see the relief come over them knowing everything is taken care of.”


, StaffSantos Sorto – Funeral Attendant
Born in El Salvador, Santos lost his mother suddenly at the age of 9. Santos’s family moved to the US in 2008, and having gone through the experience of losing his mother at such a young age, he wanted to help others. He is an asset to Hispanic families as they are able to communicate in Spanish to our team. Santos understands the importance of customs and enjoys helping families and facilitate them at such a difficult time in their life.


, StaffSantos Sorta (spanish version)
Nacido en El Salvador, Santos perdió a su madre repentinamente a la edad de 9. La familia de Santos se trasladó a los Estados Unidos en 2008, y después de haber pasado por la experiencia de perder a su madre a una edad tan joven, que quería ayudar a otras familias. Él es un activo para familias, ya que son capaces de comunicarse en español a nuestro equipo. Santos entienden la importancia de las costumbres y disfruta de ayudar a las familias y facilitan ellos en un momento tan difícil en su vida.


, StaffTovio Laitinen “Toi” – Funeral Attendant
Born in Pennsylvania, the US Marines brought him to Quantico Virginia after his tour in Vietnam. As a former Marine, Toi is vigilant about making sure everything is set up appropriately and is in its place. Toi joined our team in 2010 and volunteers to personally take fellow service members to the National Cemetery.


, StaffDennis Terry – Funeral Director
Raised in Florida, Dennis became a Virginia Licensed Funeral Director in 1996. Dennis has worked for independent family funeral homes as well as large corporate firms and insists the family firms are for him. He enjoys the freedom to make decisions based on the families wishes and exceeding expectations without having to check with regional managers first. Dennis got into this profession to help families in their greatest time of need.


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