Whether it includes a favorite song and symbolic dove release, a final ride alongside our Harley Hearse, or a round of put-put golf inside our building with a shared memory and picture at each hole, there is no one right or wrong way to honor your loved one. However, we have observed the deep sense of satisfaction and peace that comes to those families who feel they gave the type of service, celebration or goodbye that was right for their loved one and family. It is not about being “over the top.” It is about meaningful closure by way of a fitting tribute to the special life that was lived.

We encourage you to make this a unique and memorable service or celebration or get-together. Helping you create the personalized type of tribute that achieves this is one of our specialties.

You never get to do it again

“We want you to honor and celebrate your loved one in such a way that you will look back ten years from now and think, ‘that was a fitting tribute to the life lived.’ This does not mean you must spend a great deal of money, but it does require a little thought and effort. I tell everyone, ‘No one will remember the box ten years from now, but create a unique and meaningful ceremony and everyone will remember it for the rest of their lives.'” -Michael Turch

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